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Terms & Conditions Agreement example



This section includes general agreements and payment guidelines.


i. I agree to communications between myself and Picturesque Luxury Picnics, LLC and its employees/contractors/partners via email, text and call.

ii. I understand and agree that Picturesque is not responsible for any personal loss, damage, harm, injury or death incurred before, during, or after my event, including but not limited to, allergic reactions.

iii. I agree to pay the total amount due in full including the security deposit by dates stated on my invoice. Security deposit will be refunded after my event, given that said terms and conditions are followed.


iv. I understand I am responsible for any damage and/or missing objects incurred during my event, which will result in loss of my deposit and/or addition charges determined by Picturesque, which I will be expected to pay immediately.


v. I agree to not smoke on or close to Picturesque property. Lingering smoke smell, burn marks, ashes and/or the alike will result in loss of my deposit. 

vi. I agree not to use/wear/spread glitter and/or glittery objects on or close to Picturesque property. The use of glitter will result in the loss of my deposit and/or additional charges determined by Picturesque, and will be expected to pay immediately.

vii. I agree to let Picturesque know if I will have dogs and/or other animals present at my event and pay the additional customized fees as required by Picturesque. 



i. I understand that I am responsible for keeping track of the weather for my confirmed event and making the decision to cancel or postpone if needed. Picturesque will not set up if it is raining or snowing in any capacity nor if there are high winds, therefore strongly suggests to postpone if there is a 30% or more chance of precipitation and/or high winds. If I do not cancel or postpone in the given time frame (see Section 3. article iv. and v.) and Picturesque is unable to set-up or drive due to inclement weather, my booking will be canceled and I will not be refunded. 



This section includes cancelations, postponement, booking changes and Covid-19 policies. Please understand that these policies are in place for a substantial reason. When it comes to our services, it is important to be highly considerate of the time it takes to reserve, prepare, deliver, etc. Please be respectful of our timelines. 

i. I understand that if I am late to my event, it does not extend my event time. If I am more than 30 minutes late, Picturesque reserves the right to pack up and cancel my event booking.


ii. I understand that if I go over my designated event time slot (by more than 15 minutes), I will be charged the full amount of each additional 30 minutes and will be expected to pay immediately.


iii. I understand I will not be refunded for guests that do not show up.

iv. I understand the cancelation policy is as follows:

Canceling 5 or more days before my confirmed event: 100% no penalty/full refund.

3-5 days before my confirmed event: partial refund/loss of security deposit.

1-3 days before my confirmed event: 50% refund.

Canceling the day-of or no-shows will not be refunded.


v. I understand the postpone policy is as follows:

Postponing 3 or more days before my confirmed event: no penalty.

1-3 days before my confirmed event: loss of security deposit.

Postponing the day-of is not accepted; it will be considered a cancelation with no refund and I will have to book a new event.

vi. I understand I can request changes (i.e location, add-ons, duration, etc.) up to 3 days before my confirmed event. There is no guarantee that requested changes can be fulfilled. Any requested changes that can be fulfilled may incur additional charges.

vii. I agree to cancel/postpone my event if I or anyone in my party is experiencing symptoms of and/or is diagnosed with Covid-19 or any similar illness.

viii. I understand that no refunds will be issued once my event is executed.


i. I understand that the personal information collected is for the sole use of Picturesque Luxury Picnics, LLC and its employees/contractors/partners in order to communicate and execute services. I understand my information will not be sold by any means.

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